Parenting Orders Program

Parenting Orders Program

For Parents

who need a 

So you can get your certificate, tick that box for your lawyer, the other parent and the Court 
Ensure your children don't suffer just because you and their other parent are no longer together.
Are you currently in Court with your ex?

 This POP Course was developed JUST FOR YOU!

  • Court Approved:   This course has been accepted by the Court as a suitable Parenting Orders Program and Post Separation Parenting Course
  • Online AND in-person: Sometimes you're ordered to complete POP face-to-face - receive the personal attention of a workshop with the convenience of not having to leave home with fully online delivery
  • Convenient time:  The workshop is just ONE DAY on a weekend
  • Other Option:  If you're disciplined and studious, complete the online course instead of attending the in-person workshop - no need to take time off work, study at your own pace, maximum of 6 hours to watch all the video's, answer the quiz's and receive your certificate. 
  • Certificate:  Your certificate of attendance is emailed within 2 business days of completion

When is it on face-to-face online?

Saturday 17 April 2021
10am - 3pm BRISBANE TIME
(face-to-face online)

When is it available online?

If you're someone who prefers to work at your own pace, start RIGHT NOW 
and finish as quickly as you like.  
This POP workshop is now a fully online course you can complete in your own time.

What does it cover?
  • Teenagers: Discover what teens and young adults say is their biggest problem with divorced life - it's not what you expect
  • Real Life Tips: Start making things different right away 
  • Stress: If the stress of being in court is impacting us, what does co-parenting conflict to do our kids
  • Parental Alienation:  How to create a strong connection with a child who is being turned against you
  • Difficult Behaviours:  narcissism, control, abusive emails, dictating time, text overload - what to do right now
Kirsty Petersen
Family Mediator and Conflict Coach
"We want the best for our children, but sometimes we feel like there's nothing we can do about destructive behaviour from their other parent.

Hi, I'm Kirsty and I have supported hundreds of families over more than 6 years, to see the impact their divorce is having on their chidlren.

If your kid's other parent is a constant cause of drama and heartache the Parenting Orders Program is for you.

Sometimes, our ex is a destructive force in the life of our children.  If you're currently in court, it's likely you know how difficult things can get.

I know what it's like to struggle to communicate with your child's other parent.  It's 12 years since my marriage ended and I've been where you are.  Some days it didn't seem to matter what I did or what I said, there was no winning. 

Whether you're just separated, you've been struggling for ages, or 'something' has just changed everything - YOU have the power to stop the arguments, abuse and control! 

I can show you a different way of life for you and your children.  
Join me today for the Court Approved Parenting Orders Program. "
What will I learn?
  • Confict: What is it, who causes it, what you can do about it
  • How to best support your child through court and divorce
  • What conflict does to my body, and my child
  • Conflict - what it looks like for young children
  • How to respect your child's needs without letting them rule the roost
  • Risks for children living with conflict
  • How children cope with conflict
  • What you can do about parental alienation
  • What your teens wish you knew
Parenting Orders Program
This workshop or course is for you, if you're in Court and don't see eye to eye with your child's other parent, if you need to learn how to protect your children from the conflict arising from being in court, or if you need to know how to improve your co-parenting so the conflict reduces, and doesn't impact your children.
" I was in a situation with my ex where we couldn't agree on anything.  Every communication was difficult. 

With support from Kirsty I was able to totally change the situation to a point where we can reach agreement about everyday things as well as important issues.

We still have moments, but I now have the skills to facilitate our communication and I'm no longer anxious at the mere prospect of having to discuss something."
Belinda, 40yo Mum
"My ex de-facto chose Kirsty and I held no expectations in respect of outcome.

I was aware Kirsty had gone through a separation and was co-parenting and I initially had some reservations that Kirsty may hold bias because of her own experiences and this would disadvantage me. However within minutes of sitting down with Kirsty this concern dissipated.

If you genuinely desire to resolve parenting matters, I have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty."
Ben, 37yo Dad
* NB Testimonial images changed to protect privacy
"Kirsty has helped me navigate a very complex situation concerning my now adult daughter and very hostile situation with my ex.

Her advice and genuine desire for the best outcome for all parties especially the children is absolutely clear. Unbiased, direct, but easy to listen to. I used her wisdom to change my own behaviour and reactions as I have zero control over the other party.

Life is much easier and less stressful using her strategies."
Kirsty-Anne, 35 yo Mum
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