Co-Parenting Workshop
Court Approved 
Parenting Orders Program

Saturday 17 April 2021: 10am - 3pm
This is now a fully online workshop - join us from home!

Do you need to complete a
Post Separation Parenting Course or Parenting Orders Program
Improve Your Co-Parenting
If you're in Court, chances are you and your child's other parent don't see eye to eye.  If you need to learn how to protect your children from the conflict arising from being in court, or how to improve your co-parenting so the conflict reduces, this one day workshop is for you.

We start the Parenting Orders Program co-parenting workshop at 10am with tea, coffee and biscuits then get right into it - what is conflict, how do we reduce it and what is it doing to our body and our kids?

How can we best support our children when the divorce is new, while we're in Court and afterwards?  What if you've been divorced for ages, and your kids are teens - what do they need now?  What does the research tell us is the NUMBER ONE thing teens dislike the MOST?

Respecting our children's needs without letting the kids rule the roost.

Lunch is supplied and when we head back in we'll focus on practicing the new skills we've learnt as well as talking about combating parental alienation. 

The workshop will finish at around 3pm.  You're welcome to stick around for a bit, have another coffee and talk if you need. 

A certificate for Court purposes will be provided following completion of the workshop.

About the "Stop Fighting Today" Parenting Orders Program            Co-Parenting Workshop
Discover what teens and young adults say is their biggest problem with divorced life.

Get 'real life' tips to make things different straight away.

Discover what stress does to our body and what it's doing to your children.

This is not just 'theory' - you'll practice what you learn.

If you're experiencing parental alienation, explore new ways
to connect with your children even in the midst of intense conflict.

How you can use conflict to your benefit.

Change is scary and daunting.  There's only one way you're going to make your life different though - and that's by doing something in a way you haven't before.

Sometimes it's not even because of YOU, that things are difficult.  You might think there's nothing you can do because you're not the one with the problem.  There is always something you can do - and right now, this workshop is the first step.  All you have to do, is take it!

Some say the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

Is it time for you to do something differently in order to get a different result?
Kirsty Petersen
Family Mediator and Conflict Coach
"I know what it's like to struggle to communicate with your child's other parent.  It's 9 years since my marriage ended and I've been where you are.  Some days it didn't seem to matter what I did or what I said, there was no winning. 

Change doesn't have to be huge and difficult.  It can be just one little thing done differently - that has a huge impact. Let's see what needs adjusting for you so you and your children can live a peaceful life. 

Whether you're just separated, you've been struggling for ages, or 'something' has just changed everything - YOU have the power to make it different! "
What is our conflict doing to our kids?
What is conflict, who causes us conflict?
How to use conflict to your advantage
How does conflict affect our body?
The difference between acute and chronic conflict
Conflict and Kids
The effect of conflict on a child's body and brain
Will our children survive our divorce?
Risks for children living with conflict
How do children cope with conflict?
Parental alienation - what can be done?
Practical tips to manage conflict
What if it's not your fault?
How to make things different.
" I was in a situation with my ex where we couldn't agree on anything.  Every communication was difficult. 

With support from Kirsty I was able to totally change the situation to a point where we can reach agreement about everyday things as well as important issues.

We still have moments, but I now have the skills to facilitate our communication and I'm no longer anxious at the mere prospect of having to discuss something."
Belinda, 40yo Mum
"I have been in Court for 4 years - I didn't think there was anything I could learn.  I attended just to get the certificate and tick the box for Court.
What a surprise! I really learned something from the course - thank you Kirsty!  
Everyone should do this course."
Craig, single Dad
* NB Testimonial images changed to protect privacy
"Kirsty has helped me navigate a very complex situation concerning my now adult daughter and very hostile situation with my ex.

Her advice and genuine desire for the best outcome for all parties especially the children is absolutely clear. Unbiased, direct, but easy to listen to. I used her wisdom to change my own behaviour and reactions as I have zero control over the other party.

Life is much easier and less stressful using her strategies."
Kirsty-Anne, 35 yo Mum

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my 'ex' need to come with me?  Of course it would be beneficial for your children's other parent to attend the POP course.  However, we ensure that each parent attends at a different time to you.  It's important that you're able to speak freely and not be worried about reactions from the 'other side'. 
  • What if we are amicable and just want to be better co-parents?  It's still really important that you can get support with the issues causing you difficulty, or receive information about how to improve your co-parenting relationship, without your kids other parent present. 
  • Can my current partner attend with me?  It's great that your current patner wants to support your co-parenting journey and understand what you'll be learning at the workshop.  However, so that YOU can get the most out of the course, and so THEY can too, it's important that you attend at different times.  Our workshops are run regularly, so be sure there's another program in just a couple of weeks (you can book both now!).

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